Add Data Row Overriding Previous Row


I have successfully extracted 4 variables from 2 different PDFs using the “find element” method. I am now trying to get those variables to write into an excel data table with the results from the first PDF on one row and the results from the second on another row. Currently, the data from the second PDF just keeps overriding the row showing data from the first PDF. I have attached a screenshot of the workflow and shown how I have put the 4 variables as an array. I have also attached a picture of the current result I’m getting and what I need it to look like. How do I get the second row of data to write on a new row rather than overriding the first row?

Many thanks for any help!

give a try on append range instead of write range


Whenever I try to use append range, it writes completely blank in the excel sheet…not sure if I’m using append range wrong.

Give a try on debugging and inspect the datatable that should be written to excel
maybe you can share your xaml or show more detailed screenshots.

I was able to get append range to work, thank you very much!

Hi @ppr,

I am now having an issue where append range is writing data in columns 4-6 rather than under the data in columns 1-3. Any ideas how to fix this or what is causing this error? Thanks so much!

FridaySequence.xaml (13.5 KB)

hard to say without refering to the real data and debugging.
Check by debugging if the colnames from the dataset that is appended is different to the dataset that is used by the write range.

Maybe you can manipulate by debugging, setting breakpoint and edit within the immediate panel
by DataTableVar.Columns(ColNameOrIndex).ColumnName = NewColName

Good idea, I’ll try it out, thanks!

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