How to write cell in each increasing column instead of row


I knew how to write cell in each increasing row by:
-Assign Count=Count+1
-Then write cell range = “A”+Count.ToString

But, if I want to write cell in each increasing columns from Column A2, B2,C2,D2…, how can I do?


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Instead of using “A” , “B” … Use ASCII of “A” , “B” and all and increase the value as usual. You will get the result.

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here you go
hope this would help you resolve your query (14.9 KB)

Cheers @MrHeng

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Wow I get it! Many Thanks!

By the way, I changed the 65 to 64 since character A starting from 65 (as per ASCII code).

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Cheers @MrHeng

Thank you

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