Write range excel application scope

Hi All,

I have excel file with extension is .xlsm and was opened by using Excel application scope

for each transition in excel I should add value in Remark column

by using write cell i am trying

but getting this error like its workbook but file.xlsm

Please let me know the solution.

Thank you.

Hi @vineelag

Use excel application scope and write cell from excel activities and try again


Hello @vineelag
Try this

  1. Place the Kill activity for “Excel” with Continue on the Error property enabled before using the Excel application scope.
  2. use Delay 2 seconds after the Kill activity.
  3. Use some delays before writing the Remark in the cell.
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Thank you,

but did the same thing, but still getting error

TempSheetName is a value get from other spreedsheet? if so, make sure you don’t close this sheet before paste value to another one.

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Hi @rikulsilva

But as my code designed like it always close excel file . when ever its open excel for example


in our every process we are using in this format for config file

as per config code whenever we are open config file it automatically close the excel file.

Hi @rikulsilva ,

i was tried this ,but still getting the sam e error.


Try put delay activity before write the value with 1 second, just for debugging purpose

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i did that one also

Hi @Gokul_Jayakumar

will you please explain in step wise please
i am not able to see continue error


Try log the TempSheetName in Log Message Activity before Write Cell to see it value. Also try put hardcode value in Write Cell to isolate where problems occurs

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can you try with modern activities instead?


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@fernando_zuluaga ,

i am not allowed to use

Thank you

did you try using the write woorkbook cell activity?


Can you tell what is the system package version and studio version…Did you try changing it?

And is the file your trying to read is proper…Can you print the filename and sheetname variables you are using and check…Please try with visible property unclecked

Also try removing save and use a save workbook activity instead

Hope this helps


Hi @Anil_G

STUDIO version 2020.10.6

Please let me know is there any other way to add row(count+1) Values.

without using Write cell

Thank you

Hi @fernando_zuluaga ,

No because it macro sheet .xlsm

it don’t work in workbook.

Please let me know is there any other way to add row(count+) Value.

Thank you.

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