How to write data one data table to another data table based on specific condition with using write cell and write range Activity?

Hi Team,
Is it possible…
Data Table 1:

part number Issue id 1 Ageing created by

Data Table 2:

part number Issue id 1 Ageing created by
A 1 10 ranjith
B 11 15 ram
C 21 201 sunil
D 31 56 sahoo
E 41 7 aravid
F 51 11 manju

I need to write data into Data Table1?

@Ranjith1996 I think without using write range or write cell its not possible to write but you can try with vbscript

If you You could use for each row in DT2, add data row to DT 1 with array row = {row(0).tostring, row(1).tostring, row(2).tostring, row(3).tostring}. In that way, DT2 is the input for DT1

there column 1 order is missing

Do you have to write data from DT2 into DT1 or is it okay to just overwrite DT1?

If you have can’t overwrite the DT, one thing you can do is to use the Assign Activity.
For example, you can use three Assign Activities for each row in your loop:
First Assign Activity: row(1) = “1”
Second Assign Activity: row(2) = “10”
Third Assign Activity: row(3) = “ranjith”