Write Range adding multiple lines in excel cell

Im having a issue with my write range activity. I’m pulling information from a web page and writing it into a excel sheet. In the attachment you will see the SSOID column and a number. when I click on the cell you will notice that when the range was written it added multiple lines/line breaks to the cell. The second picture attach is you will see that when I click on a cell the number does not show up in the formula bar because of all the line breaks that were added when the write range was activity was executed. Is there a way to stop the write range activity from adding multiple lines and line breaks in the excel cell?


This will be a formatting issue when you scrape the data. If you use trim after you have scraped the data, it will remove any leading or trailing spaces from your string.

If you’ve used data scraping and have a table, maybe iterate through and trim each value in turn before writing the table to Excel

since the data is already written in the file can, is there away to go back through and trim out the empty spaces?

You can just open the excel and manually do a find and replace on the column looking for a space and replacing it with nothing if you just want the data you have

Im not sure how to do that i tried that. I have attached a sample file, do you know how to do the find and replace if its formatted like this?
Book1.xlsx (9.9 KB)