Write range makes the cell in the same row disappear in .xls file

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Studio/Robot version:2018.2.3

Current behavior: When I try to write a range, with 2 cells in the same row, into “C1” cell of a .xls file with write range activity, the other content in A1 and B1 (same row) are erased. content in other rows are not affected.This is not happening in a .xlsx file


What should I do to prevent this from happening?


Yes Write Range Activity will override the existing data and will write new data.

Use Write Cell Activity instead of Write Range Activity to write into particular cell.

The problem is my datatable used in the write range only got 2cells. It is supposed to override the value on C1 and D1 only but not the whole row. So, I’m confused why the value in A1 and B1 are changed

hello @RoboticKK
That’s strange can you share a screenshot of your workflow ?