Write quotation marks as output with a write activity


I need to write a specific formula into some cells. The problem is the formula contains quotation marks. And if I use a write cell activity the text in the cell needs to be surrounded by quotation marks. So it’s not possible to write quotation marks as a text. It’s difficult to explain so I will give you an example:

the cell input should look like this -> “=7”
if I would write it in a write cell activity it would look like this -> " “=7” " … but that’s not possible?

For VB.Net, you write quotes by writing them twice. For instance, if you set the string to """=7""", then that will look like "=7" in Excel.


Hey @Loons,

Try using Chr(34) + "=7" + Chr(34). This will output quotation marks in a string, like so:


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