Write cell with formula containing special symbols

Hey Guys,
I need to paste in write cell formula: =(N"“&B1&”",…)
But when I surround it with " " it doesn’t pass.
Any Ideas?

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Just replace quotes (“) with two quotes (”") and try @Slavich

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The term should be like this in write cell activity

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Slavich

@HareeshMR @Palaniyappan,
It is also doesn’t work like.
The matter is that quotations should be inserted to excel cell too. (So excel cell must be like “=(N”””&B1&”””,…)“.
When I do double quotations in activity, like this " “=(N”””&B1&”””,…)“ " - it doesn’t pass

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Fine may i know wht is to written in excel cell,
leave aside the uipath , kindly tell me what is the formula to be written in the excel cell
based on that lets try to frame in uipath with write cell activity
Cheers @Slavich

@Palaniyappan , this is it
=“(N’”&B1&“’ ,”&C1&" ,“&D1&” ,‘“&E1&”’,N’“&F1&”’ , “&G1&” ,“&H1&”,“&I1&”,“&J1+1&”,“&K1&” ),"

oh my god
did this formula work in manual
Cheers @Slavich

Yes, its the SQL formula

Thats fine
the reason is asked is did that work on executing manually, like pasting this formula did that return us any value
Cheers @Slavich

Yes, @Palaniyappan when I paste it manually it works.

then here you go
“=”“”(N’“”“&B1&”“”’ ,“”“&C1&”“” ,“”“&D1&”“” ,’“”“&E1&”“”’,N’“”“&F1&”“”’ , “”“&G1&”“” ,“”“&H1&”“”,“”“&I1&”“”,“”“&J1+1&”“”,“”“&K1&”“” ),“”" "

hope this would work
Cheers @Slavich

@Palaniyappan, sorry, but again receive still have a compiler error.

will that comma comes at the end Cheers @Slavich

Not working. I’m sorry

@Palaniyappan, maybe u have more suggestions?
Thank you

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Can you give a last try without the quotes in entire formula?

doesnt pass

It’s working for me @Slavich

It seems you took not the original one. The original is:
=“(N’”&B1&“’ ,”&C1&" ,“&D1&” ,’“&E1&”’,N’“&F1&”’ , “&G1&” ,“&H1&”,“&I1&”,“&J1+1&”,“&K1&” ),"
try with this one please.

testExcelFormula.xaml (5.4 KB)