Write Excel formul using Write Cell Activity

Hello Everyone,

I want to write a formul into excel using the write cell activity, but I am getting an error in this way. I want to write directly, not with Read Range / Write Range activities. Is there a way to this?


Thank you!

@korhansuren you can keep the formula in text file and then read text file keep that variable in write cell it works :slight_smile:

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Hi @korhansuren ,

Write the formula like below and try. thanks.


When I tried the formula you wrote, I got an error like this.


instead of semi colon use comma in the formula i guess. please try and let us know.


Could you check your formula whether you are manually entering excel is working and also use one log message and put the above expression and see if it is printing the formula your using is correct. thanks.

I think the problem is caused by region/language settings. I get the same error when I try to write with “,” . I’m from Turkey. in TR form “;” it is used but i think it supports as UiPath “,”

ok. Not sure on these regional settings. If we want to add double quote in the expression we can use CHR(34) so that in run time it will replace with the double quotes. nice connecting with you. thanks.

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