Write number in a in a sequence Range excel

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I want to insert a range in sequence of numbers…


How can I do this, whithout to use for each ?


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Check this
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@Diego_Pin Hello,

You must use for each but if you already have the info in a data table or if you want to add data to a data table use any of this 2 depending if you want to add a column or row.
Then just use write range to access the excel/workbook just once:
image .

If you do not want to use For Each loop, then use the following -

Write Cell activity - Write a formula into a range

Formula = Row() - 1

Row() function returns the row number.
For example, for A2 row, Row() returns 2.

Karthik Byggari

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Hello @KarthikByggari, Can you give a example in image pls?

You can use Auto Fill Range Activities.

Try to adapt this post into your work.

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