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Hi All,

I have an .xlsm file inside excel application scope iam using Auto fill Range to extend my formula, before that iam deleting the range from Z5:Z(uptomylastrow), after that iam performing autofill range activity,In Z4 cell iam having my formula

In Source range I mentioned Z4(which having formula)

Fill Range iam giving “Z5:Z20000” (to extend my formula)

But it’s throwing error

“AutoFill method of Range Class failed”

Can anyone help me on this


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Use Z4 instead of Z5 in Fill Range “Z5:Z20000”

Range should include the target range .
For ex for your cell if target cell is Z4 then it’s range should be Z4: Z50000


@Naveen_tg @MuralidharVankamaddi

Thanks a lot


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