Write matched data from Excel to Webpage

Hii @SaranyaKishore, @rajeshprabhu_gp, @ddpadil ,
I want to read data from excel and there is a tabular structured data present on webpage.
So the scenario is…if column1 matches with the column2 of of webpage tabular data then bot has to click on the write buttons present in 5th column of webpage and type the fields.
What i have done is i took excel data into 1 dataTable dt and webpage dataTable using webscrapping into another dataTable dt1
Used loop foreach row in DT
if dt.rows(0)=dt1.rows(1)
then click button
type into name, age

Issue: BOT is clicking only 1st row’s add(+) button present in fifth column again and again of webpage table and writing all the details
the need is that if condition matches then BOT will click on that button in fifth column of the particular row and write the values after extracting them from excel.
The tabular data on webpage is present in two pages and BOT has to click also to navigate the second page if it doesn’t find the matched condition
Below is the excel that needs to read and the similar structured data is present on webpage
File.xlsx (9.3 KB)

The similar structured data is present on webpage and if “Header1” column value “GLG” matches with the tabular data “Header” column value “GLG” then it will click on add(+) button present in 5th column of that particular row and type into the values taking them from excel.

Please help…its really urgent!!!

hi @somya177. That might be because you havent used loop for both the DataTables. Please send workflow so that I can understand the problem better.