Write Datatable to workbook starting from the cell which has specific value

Guys, I want to write the datatable values to the workbook starting from a specific cell.For example, I want to write the datatable values starting from below the cell which has the value “Variance”.I couldn’t define a specific cell location because the columns are dynamic as the automation goes by.Help me please.


You can use find/replace cell activity

Which is a modern excel activity gives you the cell location as output

Below that use write range activity and in the range pass the output variable

Hi @chilled_lad ,
Could you give sample
I think we can find index to start then write with dynamic
eg : index
“A” +index.toString()



  1. You will need to find where this value is at the workbook (there are many ways to do that, like reading the file manually and seeking for the index or simply using find/replace activity)

  2. Then you can use write range and put the starting cell you get from the previous step

@Shiva_Nikhil I’ll try that, Thank you.

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@Nguyen_Van_Luong1 I already figured it out, Thank you bro!

@Michael.Vornes Thanks for your information. I’ve already figured it out.

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