Write data from data table in a worksheet

Hello Guys,
I just need small guidance, I have the data in a data table and now I need to write in this sheet

, starting from the blue mark but the issue is that the columns in the data table or not in the same order as in the worksheet. Could anyone guide me on this

Hi @kartik_sareen,

You can mention the cell number in write range to activity and bot will write the data from the mentioned cell number only.

For example you can mention “A18” in write range activity and the bot will write the data from cell A18 only.

Shiva Karthik

Thanks Shiva, will try but the order in the data table is completely different(structure is different), could u give me an example, would be really helpful.
So for example in the data table the structure is something lilke

@kartik_sareen by structure you mean the column headers are different in the excel and in the datatable you have to write to that excel if that is the case then build a datatable with headers in the excel and then add the data in relevant positions using a for loop with the another datatable and then write it to the excel.

correct, yes I will do now and will let u know , Thanks Shiva

yes and moreover there are few columns which has to be filled with some other values for example in the above sheet Column A, H , N has to be filled with other values which are not in the data table.