Write csv : object reference not set to an instance object

Hi everyone,
i build a sequence which data scraping from website (fincial report) by url and put it into csv file.
but when i put the option to the next selector (multiple pages) when it comes to the write csv is
display this error on the topic and i dont know what to do.

thanks for the helpers:)

Sequence3.xaml (8.7 KB)

Hi @kfir

can you tell me the site you are extracting?

Ashwin S

It may be due to the selector issue @kfir … the selector is for the first page and it may change for the second. So try giving it dynamic

Hi @kfir

Based in your title, it seems that write csv is the activity that throws the error. Am I right? If not, what’s the activity that throws the error?

If this is the write csv activity as shown in the title here, then most probably the problem is with your datatable. For some reason it may not be having data and it may be null when you try to do the write. So check whether it has any values by the time it executes that activity. If it does not, then check the places it is getting assigned. Arguments and data scraping activities

Hi Lahiru,

Thanks for the quick respond , when I don’t have next selector the sequence works but when I add next selector (I check and he is valid)

It seem to stack and write this error , do you have an idea for that?

Thanks a lot

Hi guys

@HareeshMR @AshwinS2

Will you guys be able to help @kfir. I’m unable to take a look at his xaml and respond based on this comment as I’m in hospital for past few days as my wife is not well… I’m only online via my mobile… :face_with_head_bandage:


I don’t understand what are you trying to do in the workflow as it is designed in someother language. Can you please explain?

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Hi I think I fixed the problem.

Maybe you know what I need to write at the manage packages to find the pdf extension (pdf to text and pdf to excel)?

Thank you very much

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This is the activity available to convert PDF to excel


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