Write CSV error

I’m not sure why I am getting this error, please help, I have attached workflow and screenshot of error. it says object reference not set to an instance of an object.MainTaskThree.xaml (18.1 KB)


I didn’t see anything wrong or out of the ordinary.
I did notice you have ContinueOnError set to True for Extract Table activity so make sure there’s data in the datatable with fbDT1.Rows.Count.ToString or fbDT1.Rows(0).Item(0).ToString

It’s possible that the Extract Table activity above it is failing like if it can’t find the element then skipping it leaving the datatable object empty.


Hi, thanks for the feedback. I just set the ContineOnError to false and now I get this errorCapture2

Yeah so I would open UiExplorer and check the selector for that table to make sure it’s valid.


Hey Clyton,

Believe it or not .ContinueOnError set True by default for data scraping .:wink:

is it? any support document or article? or something else?

Just try data scraping wizard you will get to know.:joy:

Well @sharks14

In your case the problem is with container. you are using “Extract structured data” with any container like attach browser. so it is not able to find the mentioned ui element on the screen.

yours also will work just update the selector and add if IE browser u r dealing in your workflow.


Great. How come only sometimes will it ask if I want to extract the entire table? And sometimes it will only extract exactly what I select? … within the extract structured data

Well this is because when you will use Data scrapping from top ribbon bar its unique sense will detect the table structure and will prompt to extract entire table yes or not. then on that basis it will generate the extract structure data with Xml pattern for you but on the other side if you will indicate manually with Extract structured data activity it will only detect that column.

#Based on my past experience with this :slight_smile:

Others are invited to correct me on this.:slight_smile: