Write CSV is not saving in the CSV format!

Hi team,

I am giving a flow right here ,

1st step- i have a html table with data’s in rows and columns.
2nd step- Scrapping all those data using data scraping wizard and saving in a data table(say: dat1)
3rd step: My organisation badly needs that file in csv format ! so using write csv activity with the filepath like “c/user/table.csv” ,ok?

everything executed well
problem here is after opening a file in microsoft excel and if i change some data and try to saving the file total file is reformatted.
Analysed that and i found that , if i open that csv file “table.csv” and i am clicking save as in that file type it was showing unicode text(*.txt) .The file already is not in csv format i guess because of the extension we gave like “table.csv” in path right that’s why it looks like csv file in desktop because of icon image of csv. if i remove that “.csv” it was just saving only as “file”.

So tell me the solution and guide me to fix this issue. because every time i need to edit the data without reformatting.


@Sriram07 There is write csv activity you can use that activity refer this

I think you didn’t notice this @indra and also see the title of the question

@Sriram07 its in CSV for sure, that is a wrong assumption, and the error you are getting is when you do manually not with UiPath ,When you reformat its losing its form, can you tell what change are you making ,make that change through UiPath and finally save it to csv using UiPath

I have to give the files to some other team for processing so , they may edit the files which given, if it reformatted then i am the one will be in problem.

No check once in yours just use write csv and open it in excel go to save as and check , it will show “unicode.txt” format.

Now i used character encoding as “Windows-1252” now its working fine.
You try to implement this also you will get to know


Hi! I have the same problem, how did you solve it? Where should I apply “Windows-1252”?