Value to write in a same cell

i have a scenario in which i have to write all the for each item value in a same cell like

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Buddy @syed1994

this could help you for sure


i am using a for each row so its not working can u pls create a sample flow for that

Hi @syed1994
Use Excel application scope
Use write value activity with environment.newline
In the same cell


It’s not working

Hi syed

I have done the xaml check it
test write cell value.xaml (6.4 KB)
test1.xls (25 KB)

Ashwin S

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Bro I want to insert the value of for each item in the same cell…

Hi @syed1994

print the names within for each item and gives it like that it will come

Ashwin S

Not working bro

I’ve edited Ashwin flow, It uses for each activity as well.

test1.xls (25 KB) test write cell value.xaml (11.0 KB)