Write Cell: The given path's format is not supported!

I’m try to create a dynamic file name, when I try to pass the following inside the write range activity “Techno Invoices"+CustomerName+”_“+InvoiceNo+”.xlsx", it throws an error that the given paths format is not supported. Where have I missed the point?

Thank you.

@Nkrumah_Dubazana - What are the values you have it in the customer name??

CustomerName is a Dynamic variable, that stores all of the extracted customer names from the from

@Nkrumah_Dubazana - my point is there is some illegal character coming from a dynamic variable like etc ( , ’ @ etc etc ) …which is stopping you from creating the folder path …

Try removing a dynamic variable and hardcode the value and try…by this way you can find out which variable is culprit …

What @prasath17 is said correct some times you will get null also on that time you will get this message I also fetch this you just put the write line activity before write cell on that time you will get to know what’s Happen :clinking_glasses:

Chethan P

Invoice Scraping.xaml (20.7 KB) Hears the workflow, If you may could you Kindly have look at it.

I have placed the “write line” activity like you suggested, just before the “write cell” activity, but the error still persists, and no result was displayed in the output. I have attached the workflow, if you may could you kindly take your time and have a look at it, run your diagnosis, and check it out.

Thanks for your time and attention.

What you get in the write line activity

Scraping.zip (406.1 KB)
Could you kindly check out the Zip File I have attached.

@Nkrumah_Dubazana - I have gone through your xaml i am seeing lot of issues…sry…

  1. Get Text output variable not defined

  1. CustomerTxt is defined but it has no values to replace…I.e it is empty string…


  1. Invoice # selector is hardcoded as 281092, so it will work only that specific invoice…

  1. Invoice Date also hardcoded…

  1. PDF Page count is not extracted anywhere but the count has been used…

I would suggest to go through some youtube videos on how to extract from invoice…

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4 - This is using Regex so if you are not sure on how to use Regex please ignore


Thank you so much for your devoted time to my situation and for your gentle advice. I will look through at the material you shared, to further improve my learning experience.

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