Wrıte cell name

ı have excel sheet and ı want to wrıte CELL name that is
A1 cell consıst of VEGETABLES and ı want to wrıte line “A1”?

@sedayngl_sedayngl33 - Try lookup Range…



Not clear on requirement but as per understanding if you want to write line if cell value is xyz then use read cell activity and then have if condition to check on the value.

If you want to write cell then use write cell activity.

thank u it worked

Hi can u help me please
I want to write all the dates from the first day of the month to the last day of the month.

and the robot should be able to do this for all months.

@sedayngl_sedayngl33 - Sure I can help you. Looks like this is off the topic, please post a new query in the forum.