Write Cell formula inserts @ symbol in a formula

this looks like a bug.
can you please give more details? studiox version, excel package version?

Excel package version: 2.9.0-preview.

StudioX 2020.6.0-beta.93 Community License.

For now try reverting your packages to stable versions like this:

You remove include prerelease checkbox and then click all the blue icons and hit save in the end.

a fix will be available in next release

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Hi @studioX may I know if the fix has been released? I am on excel package version 2.9.3, 2020.10.2 community license and am facing the same issue of having a “@” inserted into my Write Cell formulas, kindly advise thanks!

can you update to any beta version over 2.9.3 excel? fix should be there. maybe it’s another issue.
can you post the expression from advanced editor?

Hi @studioX, I tried updating to 2.9.3-beta.1188448 but the bug still occurs. This is what I am running in Write Cell:

This is my formula in UiPath:


This is my intended output in Excel:


This is the actual output with “@” appearing:


Please kindly advise, thanks!

which office/excel version are you using?

image @studioX

might be a problem because of office2010.
it’s working fine for me your expression on office2019. let me try on office 2010 and will get back

can you attach the workflow where you get the error? or a simplified version of it?
i’m not able to reproduce and it’s odd that you using office 2010 you get the @ since office 2010 should not know about that

I am getting the error that new users are unable to attach a workflow :neutral_face: Please find a screenshot here:


It is strange cause my other formulas in the same workflow (SUM, CONCATENATE, etc) do not face this problem @studioX

@loginerror can we get some help here? we need the workflow please

Hi @Nette

Please try again now :slight_smile:

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Thanks @loginerror! Here you go @studioX - I replaced the workbook/sheet names with generic ones instead but the rest of the formulas etc are the original ones. Appreciate your help!

Workflow with Error.xaml (34.7 KB)


Hi @studioX, any luck on your end on solving this bug? Thanks! :smiley:

this is under investigation, the fix i was mentioning above is only in studiox, your project is Studio.

Hi @studioX! Hope you are doing well, just wanted to check in and see if there is any update on the investigation for the bug in Studio? Thanks!

a fix is available in studiox, but the project you attached is in studio, using studio activities, a bug was raised and will be investigated for future releases.

in your project you are using write cell from studio instead of write cell from studiox.
somehow you started with a studiox project, but opened in studio and used studio activites

Is there somewhere where we can see all the currently raised bugs?