Write Cell - Formula Error

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to write a content with a formula to the cell I specified with Write cell, but I am getting the error you see in the image. Is there anyone who can help? Thanks in advance.


Did you test to follow the suggestion in the error message, i.e. replace all semicolons with commas instead.

Yes, i also tried it but getting same error. I cant understand the problem.

Thanks for the advice.

The formula looks good but just checking, if any other excel document is open

Thanks for the advice, I close it manually and also kill the excel before debug. Still same error. I am not sure is it a bug or something else.

Except for replacing semicolons with commas, you also need to change comma to period first, e.g. “0,99” to “0.99”. Also I believe the function names should be in English, e.g. YIL to YEAR.

You can use the tool below to convert your formula to English:


Thanks for the help. Like you said, Formula need to be english and number seperators need to be dot.

The tool is great too. Thanks again.


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