Excel cannot Write Cell with non-english formulas

Hi guys,

i have problem when i tried write cell a function,

the error is, the range does not exist

any help


Hi @mchavez_pe

Could you maybe attach the sample project that reproduces the issue?

Hi bro,

attachment .zip
any help, please?
SAMPLE01.zip (31.5 KB)


Thank you. I can see what the issue might be here.

Could you try with the Write Cell of the workbook activity instead of the Excel Application Scope one?

Hi @mchavez_pe

Actually, I traced the issue to the formula. It worked for me with a simple

Could you give a simpler formula a try? Also, could you give a try with this one I posted above just as a test?

Hi, when i trieded activity write cell within of the Excel Application Scope,
= SUM for each row,
if this work,

So, English formula worked correctly? If this is the case, it would seem that the Write Cell activity does not handle formulas in other languages, which is strange.

I will report it as a bug.

A workaround would be to use English formulas…

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this is the solution.


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