Write Cell Formula Error

Hey friends, I hope we are well. I needed some help on writing excel formulas in the write cell activity- kindly assist with these if you can.




Kindly help,
Many thanks

Emmanuel O.

you should write two " instead of one in formula string
for example: “=SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(K3,”“USh”“,”“”“),”“,”“,”“”“)”

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HI @odure

Can you check with this one



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Awesome,many thanks,this one worked

This also worked Sir,my sincere appreciation,many thanks.


Friends I keep getting this error in the excel report itself…

Write this formula manually in the excel and check whether it is throwing same error @odure

Yes its bringing the same error when manually entered.

When I enter this =LEFT(C3,SEARCH(" ",C3)-1) - it works in Excel but in Studio,this formula throws an error.

Try this @odure

“=LEFT(C3,SEARCH(”" “”,C3)-1)"


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This has worked thank you.

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