Write Cell (Excel Activities NOT Workbook Activities) as Text


There are 2 types of write cell:

  1. Write Cell (Excel Activities)
    • This one will write value/formula
  2. Write Cell (Workbook Activities)
    • This one will write text

I need to use write cell (excel activities) because I need excel application scope to do something in Excel. If i call write cell (workbook activities) inside Excel Application scope, it will thrown error the .xlsx is being used by Other apps.

My problem is:
I would like to write β€œ24 Jan” in cell A1 as text, but Write Cell will convert 24 Jan into 24-Jan

This will cause problem to other apps when read the file.
How to write cell as text using Excel Activities for my issue?


Hi @alexologica

Try to change the format of your target cell to string or another date format which you want.

@wusiyangjia While using write cell activity add a ’
For eg. suppose you want to write 24 Jan, write it as '24 jan in the write cell activity

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