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I have 2 differents processes lets call it process 1 and process 2
I run every process and using “get text” activity I save 1 argument for each process that represent
Order number.
Now, I am place them in 2 cells of excel with this :
after run the process 1 the order number is placed in the B2 cell and its all OK
But after I run the process 2 the order number from B2 is disappear and the order number from process 2 is placed in his correct place :
Why is that ? I want both of the orders will showed

From what I understood:

  • You run Process 1
  • You execute the code in the screenshot (2 consecutive write cells)
  • B2 is correctly set, B3 is empty
  • You run Process 2
  • You execute the same code in the screenshot
  • B2 is empty, B3 is set
    Is this correct?
    If so, you shouldn’t call twice this code if you only have 1 value at a time, because if you do that then your input variables won’t have values at the same time (only 1 at a time will have a value).
    Can you add Add Log statements for the values you’re trying to write, and show the result after Process 1 and Process 2?

Yes you right, I debug and what is happen is I call the same workflow (where are the “write” activities) and when the 2nd process run there is no argument to pass for the 1st process so it gets null and delete it :

That’s it then! I guess you know how to solve it then :slight_smile:
Just in case: surround each “Write Cell” activity with an If block, and check that the argument has a value before writing it down. This should do the trick. :slight_smile:

Yep, it workes

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