Write cell based on Filtered rows


Can someone please advise me on the flow of StudioX activity -

Step 1 - For my first activity, i Use Excel File activity and open the file
Step 2 - I use Filter activity to filter column based on a condition - eq empty
Step 3 - I use Excel for Each Row activity
Step 3a - Within the Use Excel for Each Row activity, i use if condition activity
Step 3b - If true, i perform Write cell & if false i skip current

My Excel sheet has around 80k rows.

My query - will the bot perform operation on entire 80k rows, or on the filtered records (retrieved in Step 2) which are around 35k rows.

When i ran this activity yesterday, the bot took ~ 5hrs 49mins to complete the task, and am thinking i did something wrong in my build path, as this is too long to perform a operation.

Appreciate your guidance.

Thank you in advance.

Based on what I can see in your image, you are iterating through all 80K rows, because you are doing a “Excel For Each Row”, then inside the For Each loop, you’re reading the value of the cell from that row to perform a conditional check on it. The way to do this that will perform much faster is to use the “Filter” activity to filter based on your conditions, then use the “Excel For Each” over the filtered range as that will only read the rows that haven’t been filtered out.

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