How can I write text in Excel in a filtered range/cell with UIPath?

I filtered my table, and then I tried to change some cells only in the filtered rows. This doesnt work:
Do you have any ideas to solve this problem?

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The ForEachExcelRow activity iterates only on visible rows, so it takes into account filtering. You can do something like this:


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How do you get the Write Cell Excel activity- is that a special package?
I am using the standard package and do not have the same Write Cell function as you are showing.

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this will be required to use that activity.

Below is the official documentation that is well descriptive. :slight_smile:

If you need ti perform action on filtered data using excel then you’ll have to first save it. As you are using studioX, I would suggest you to write it first in excel and then perform further action.

However, you can also perform tasks on the datatable that read the excel data. But again, if you are not comfortable with using variable and manipulating them, go for writing the filtered data and then further processing.

Thank you, very much. That helped a lot.