Excel: Filter and write cell

I have an excel with thousands of rows. I want to filter based on an column and write a string into the “Done” column cell.

I tried For Each but it will takes long when I have thousands of rows. Is there any faster method? I tried using filter activity and write cell but not sure what to input for “Where to write” field. Since I wont know the cell no after it filtered.


Try with vlookup and auto fill range!

if it is 100000 rows also this will works fast with in seconds

Try it and let me know


Hello @Cari
You can do as below.

DT is the datatable
value to filter : change as per your need

DT.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(r) r(“Document Reference”).ToString =“value to filter”).ToList.ForEach(
Sub(r) **
** r(“Done”)=r(“Done”).ToString

End Sub

@Cari Read range into a data table, use filter data table activity to filter the data table and use “for each row in data table” activity to loop and update the column, and finally right back the data table to excel. Looping through data table will be completed in seconds.