Would you tell more about Snippets category in Hackathon like what king of process we need to upload, As i'm working as a RPA Developer i wish to participate in creating and submitting xaml file

Type of reusable component:


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Hi. Snippets are reusable components or common automation items that are reusable and applicable in multiple workflows.

From https://uipath.devpost.com/details/categories :

“Workflow Snippets are ready-made workflows which you can invoke/include in your own workflows in UiPath Studio. They should be reusable for as many users, environment and processes as possible. These workflows use the same deployment, versioning and release management like the binary activities. File type: .xaml files”


Thanks Adiran,

Could you give an example for my clear picture.

As an example, a snippet that you can use for login in to a certain application. If you are interacting with that application in more than one of your workflows it will make sense to have a reusable component for this.