Reusable Component Folder

I was a fan of Libraries until I tried them on practice.
The inconvenience of not being able to edit and debug a reusable component within one Studio session together with the Process itself.

Idea: Option to mark a particular folder as a Reusable Component Folder and then

  1. This Folder will be visible from every project opened with Studio
  2. You may use xamls from the Folder as any other xaml under the project. Meaning to be able to edit and debug.
  3. When publishing - only xamls that are used in the process will be added to the package
  4. The folder is located independently of any project.
  5. When xaml from Folder is used - it’s not copied to the project but stays in Folder.

I guess, we can make any folder a Snippet, right? but can’t edit these files.

I guess Snippet panel serves this purpose.

But you can’t edit the Snippet files within the same Studio session togehther with particular Process

Thanks, I’ll save it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to have a look :slight_smile:

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Snippet support is preaty poor. I sugested enhancement of snippet support 2 years go

Apparently UiPath has different priorities like StudioX etc.