Working with regex inside a selector doesn't work

I’m looking for a way to sort only selectors with idx numbers that are bigger than 3.
I’m trying to do it with Regex but it’s not working.
At the selector i’m writing:

<webctrl... idx=' ^(?:[3-9]|[12]\d)\d*$' matching:idx='regex'/> 

Also tried:

<webctrl... idx=' ^(?:[3-9]|[12]\d)\d*US\$' matching:idx='regex'/>

Both didn’t work and are not valid. What am i missing?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Shoosha
You need to select the row which has idx= greater than 3 right?

with [12] again numbers can start with 1 or 2.
can you share some sample values for matching and not to match?

Kindly note: a selector is intended to adress a particular element and should get only 1 element.
In case of you are looking for more elements (but not starting with 1 or 2) then find children is a better choice.


It seems regex selector doesn’t support idx attribute, at least in my environment (Studio 21.4.4 + UiAutomation 21.4.4)…


Yes :slight_smile:

Hi @Shoosha

Can you send me the screen shot of the UI explorer?
Indicate the exact element you want and send