Regex in java selector

Hi, do regex expressions work in java selectors? The documentation at RegEx Search says so, but when I try it in Studio the following partial selector does not work:

<java name=‘[Bb]irthdate’ role=‘label’ matching:name=‘regex’ />

Using regex in other applications works for me, just not in java applications.
I’m using UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities 19.10.1.

Hi @SK1,
Have you tried to use this with newer version of UiAutomation.Activities?

This link may help you,

I have also tried the latest version of UiAutomation.Activities but with the same result. I just want someone to confirm whether a regex selector in a java application / java tag is working for him/her. I want to be sure that it is only a bug / error in my environment and not a general issue.

Regex in java selectors is supported starting with UIAutomation.Activities.20.2-Preview.

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Thanks for the clarification. Maybe giving the required version number for each selector type at RegEx Search could avoid confusion for others.

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