How to activate another window

Hi, here i am working on two IE browsers, one is Salesforce application browser and other one is Service now application browser. How can i make another browser activate. pls help me

U can use open browser and then attach browser.

if we use open browser means which URL we need to give, here in my bot it is already in middle of something just i need to activate that browser while running the bot.

@SIVASHANKAR, use the attach browser. On the property Browser Type select the browser you want to run your automation.

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If you are trying to open another browser window to go to another URL, you can use the Open browser activity and give the URL as the input.

If you want to switch between the two browser windows which you have open already, the ideal activity is the Attach browser activity. You can use it to easily switch between browser windows to get your things done…

For attach browser activity, you need to point to which browser window you want it to be attached/ activated and that’s it :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!!