Working on other softwares while uipath is running

i have a doubt, i made a UiPath script for some of the daily manual tasks using screen recording. so i wanted to know if i can work on other softwares while that task is getting performed.
the RPA so made also has a feature of reading screen data inorder to stop when the task is completed and it has to type multiple command on terminal and has to access different softwares.

You can try the following:

is there any other option?

Hello @Aishwarya_Bhargava,
you have this ability in Studio to activate background process.

Some Activity should be modified for this to work if you want to use existing process, but if you are recording new process then you have a lot of features with background tasks.

You can check some comments here:


The process uses UI Automation so background process can not be used.
Can you suggest something else?

Since you can’t use it in background I would recommend that you use Workstation Player to create an virtual machine from your OS but run on your laptop / desktop and connect UiPath Assistant on that Virtual Machine.

I have used this when I had to develop applications and I had to have different machine not to contaminate mine original OS.

Link to Workstation Player