UIpath run in the background

How to run uipath projects in the background with mouse and keyboard events?

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Take a look here .

Hi, thanks for your answer, what I want is that when I run my uipath project with click events, it runs in the background because when a window opens or clicks on another program it stops working

not sure i understood correctly. You want to be on foreground?

are there any error? what do you mean by stop working?
if selector are proper then click will eventually brings up the window and click on it unless its simulate click checked.

I run the project, but I want to run it in the background, because if you run and exit a Windows window or click on a program, the project stops working and goes out by mistake

I’m really sorry I can’t get it.
May i know what exactly your trying to do ?
you want to open certain application and do some operation on it?
If so instead of clicking on program you can use start process/open application activities to launch the app.

you understand spanish?

nope. Hope some one will help .

how a uipath project is launched from vba?

@ddpadil hello,
what I think @luis.A is saying is, when the program is running all the windows are shown on screen and when luis is trying to use another application in foreground, the UIpath program execution is stopped because we are using another application in foreground.

@lalithvoop hello, is there a solution for that ?

UiPath offers two different methods of data insertion for background automation. It is the best method to interact with applications that are not visible or in the foreground. This method doesn’t work in all cases as there are technologies we cannot automate natively, by taking advantage of their underlying technology.

if I created a blank process how can I transfer it to background process?