Uipath Activity in background

is there is any possible to run my bot in background without disturbing the user activity.

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yah of course, we got ATTENDED or UNATTENDED robots to do that

well we need to make sure that the application which is been used by the process is not used by the user simultaneously
it wont work then in that case
because its like can two users work on same application on a same machine…no right
thats how even robots wont work

if the user having a machine is working in one process meanwhile the uipath robot can work on another process simulatenously but of different applications involved

Cheers @Arun_Chithiraipandia

Hi Arun,

This would depend on the nature of the process. If an attended automation is built without needing to use any of the pc’s resources also required by the user then this is possible.

Some examples would be if you had a robot manipulating a users email, working on some excel workbooks in the background, or interacting with an IE session in “hidden” mode. All of these automations could work in the background of a users machine whilst that user continues to do work as normal.

There is also room to have applications on one screen using the “Simulate Click” and “Simlulate Type” options selected, whilst the user works on another screen. Enabling these options means that the mouse and keyboard inputs of the user wont be disturbed by the running automation, and the UI of that application can still be interacted with by the robot.

Hope that this helps,