Working of Action Center


I’m running a DU process, and have 3 Invoices to process, the 1st Invoice got processed correctly, for the 2nd one an Action is getting created in Action Center and the BOT pauses there and wait for me to take Action and does not move to the 3rd Invoice, am I missing some pre-requisite to enable this? Is there something that has to be taken care of Bot to move for next one? Can it be done in For Loop or do we have to use Parallel Activity to implement this?

Bhavya Vats

Hi @Bhavya_Vats

Usually the extraction process is kept as a separate process altogether and triggered from the dispatcher bot.
Such that one document is passed to the extractor bot at a time.

My question is if you’re running this in Dev machine, it’ll surely be stuck until you complete the action.
Use Parallel For each to avoid.

Happy Automation!

Hi @adiijaiin

Thanks for prompt reply. Could you brief me a little how to achieve my Query, it still did not get clear to me.

Bhavya Vats

PLease use Parallel for each activity