Postpone Transaction Item, what will be the status of current case

Let’s assume, during case processing it turns out I should process it later on, I guess I can use Postpone Transaction Item. Will exactly this case have status new? Or maybe this case will be somehow marked by Orchestrator and new item in the Queue will be created instead, with status new?

Hi @Rq1,

This case will have new status till the postpone time. Orchestrator won’t create another transaction for the same. Only thing is you won’t be able to access this transaction till the postpone time is over. Cheers :slight_smile:

I guess right after Postpone Transaction Item I have to move the Bot again to the Init state on the State Machines Level in order to start from scratch and taking new item? Or maybe it will go there automatically? @Hawkins

If you use ReFramework, it will automatically pick the next queue item as long as new items exist in orchestrator. If there are no new transaction items, bot will end the execution.

Yes I use modified version of ReFramework. Does it mean Bot will literally go to Initialise state? Or just grabs next queue item and process further, continuing from “Postpone Transaction Item” activity step? @Hawkins


Get transaction->process transaction->Get transaction(This cycle gets repeated till all transactions are completed). I am sure based on some condition you will be using postpone transaction activity in process transaction state. So it will postpone the existing transaction and goes to Get transaction to to fetch the next transaction item.I would suggest you to complete uipath training on ReFramework in academy.

Once an item is retrieved using Get Transaction Item, shouldn’t the status be InProgress instead of New?

Yes it becomes inprogress.

it’s a good topic! @Hewitt_Trinh is right! the current transaction item get In Progress status. So, as the process phase continues with current transaction, let’s say we want to pause the execution of current transaction for 10 minutes. Postpone transaction, in this case, how affects the current transaction status? if it goes to the next item, what will be the status of the postponed item? thanks!

It’ll be reverted back to New again and their deferred until column in the queue will have a time mark after which it can be retrieved by Get Transaction Item.

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Yes, it will become InProgress. But after you postpone the transaction it will go back to New (after the postpone time is reached). So if the robot is still running it will pick up the record through Get transaction.