Workflow Exception - NullReferenceException

Hi All,

Need your help , how to resolve this error?

I attached the xaml file as well.
Policy ID Detect- Compare.xaml (25.0 KB)

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Initialize your variables, it is saying it is NULL, or the value you received from read range is NULL just add an condition before your usage :+1:

Hi @bala_subramanyam

Thanks for your help:+1::grinning:

I have another concern here. I want to search text 10132 in different excel files.Then if found the text in that both excel files, the next progress is to open new page in website.
Data in both excel files are extracted from datatable from Website.The columns are not specific because depends on data from website (our internal website).How can i create this sequence?what kind of activity need to be used? If can, could you attach the xaml file as example?

Thanks in advance.

Use Output Data Table activity, to get the table string for your excels and then check with your string contains.