For each activity

for each loop throws object reference not set .

Can you attach workflow or snapshot of workflow.


Can’t say much by looking this.
Can you attach workflow.
Looks like Datatable returning null.

Sample.xaml (176.7 KB)

two things

  1. You have set "ContinueOnError " property to True which makes data extractor activity to proceed further where your iterating data table.via For each row activity . So please remove it and give a try.

  2. I don’t see any open browser activity .So i guess your opening browser manually and running workflow which . If not which makes data scraping fail.(Hence returning null)

Above are the my assumption. Just try and let me know. apart from that all looks fine for me. :slight_smile:

I have string variable which contains more than 2 lines .i have list of values in datatable.i want to check whether the string contains that any one of the value from datatable.
i have tried using for each loop in if condition :stringVar.contains(dtValue)
but its not working fine it will always goes into else part which means the stringVar does not contains that dtvalue. how to fix this?

Thank you Dhilip