Workflow Analyzer Config Settings

Hi all,

IsEnabled is set to null as default. Does null do the same as true?

What does DefaultIsEnabled do? What happens if i set it to false?

“RuleId”: “UI-ANA-018”,
“IsEnabled”: null,
“DefaultIsEnabled”: true,
“DefaultErrorLevel”: “Info”,
“Parameters”: ,
“ErrorLevel”: null

Hi @JanRH,
Basically, the rule needs to have this value as True to be enabled.
Could you tell me how did you get this rule in that state or from where have you extracted the config with that state as a default value?

Hi @Pablito

i found the worklfow analyzer config in %LocalAppData%\UiPath\Rules
We did not use the workflow analyzer and its config before
All rules are set to “IsEnabled”: null in the config but are active in Uipath Studio
We are using 2020.10.9

So this file you’ve found is (at least from what I know) a template for all possible Rules. You don’t need to use it and fill it out manually. You can just configure rules in the Studio directly and then generate the right Governance File here:

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