Ability to disable edits for only a set of rules in Workflow Analyzer through Governance

Hi UiPath team,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your wonderful efforts towards improving your products, taking in recommendations and growing this community every day:)

Today I am here to share some observations and suggestions(wrt workflow analyzer rules) which we have come across during governance implementation at an enterprise level in our organization.

  1. Current behavior of governance – whenever governance is enabled, and section “AllowEdit” is set is TRUE under “Analyzer” section, this disables edit for all of the workflow analyzer rules in studio by anyone.
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  • There can be scenarios for organizations wherein they only require/want to enforce security specific or a set of rules at an enterprise level thus giving all different teams an ability to control the working/action for rest of the rules(under warning category or the ones that are not picked/defined in policies.config file). This would help enable a enforced/governed(only to the extent required) culture instead of enabling a full restrictive culture(not even required) and people in the organizations would be more receptive to this change.

  • Currently, irrespective of the list of rules defined in policies.config file, all workflow analyzer rules are disabled for editing. There can be some feature like in here where only rules that are defined in policies.config file are picked for disabling edits in workflow analyzer and rest remains very well open to the users.

  1. Current behavior post governance – users can’t even include custom rules and control their functioning/actions/settings as due to governance enabled, everything is disabled in analyzer settings window.
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  • There can be a separate section in policies.config file which controls the settings/edits etc for custom rules. So an organization can very well leave this piece to individual developers to explore and utilize. This way developers also don’t feel deprived of the basic rights(to code/experiment) as a developer :slight_smile:

Hope this turns out to be a useful and helpful suggestion in further improving governance model.


@sonaliaggarwal47 thanks again for another detailed feedback. I have added all your insights to our tracking tool and will consider them for future improvements.

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Alexandru Roman

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