How to enforce Workflow analyzer rules across the Team in 2019.4

Hi Guys,

I want to make the workflow analyzer rules that we have decided for our organization universally available for any Dev on our team in a way that they don’t have to manually set them in their studio, rather all these rules are enforced on their respective machines, may be in a config file.

I am aware that UiPath have the same feature in their new 2020.4 version under Governance. But we are on 2019.4 as of now and we want to have the same kind of set up.

Hi @Harpreet18,
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If you mean these options:

I’m affraid those are part since 19.10. But to be 100% sure about it you can always reach our Technical Support in case you are on Enterprise Plan.

@Pablito actually no, what i meant was, is there a way i can share my workflow analyzer settings with my team members so that they dont have to configure it themselves. Does that make sense?

I asked proper team for this. First of all 19.4 Studio is about 1 year out of support. You should consider upgrade the environment to newer Studio version.

Regarding analyzer rules you may find the details in documentation:

Especially this point:

  • From the RuleConfig.json file, path %LocalAppData%\UiPath\Rules . Find a specific rule, modify its parameter, change the IsEnabled parameter to false to disable the rule.

All rules and settings for them are saved in this file so you can just provide it for other Studio users on their machines to apply same settings.