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Hi All,

I have came across a overlap of rules in workflow analyzer.

Eg : Created a Argument of type Data table .
If the argument is set as dt_sample1 then it shows error as does not match with argument prefix .

if the argument is set as out_dt_sample1 then it shows as does not match prefix of datatable.

Thus shows error at either rule.

Is there a way to overcome this?

Hi @Priyanka_Ramesh ,

Kindly share the screenshot of the error message.

please follow
This rule checks whether the names of DataTable arguments defined in the workflow with the type DataTable include the dt_ prefix. The following examples of argument names: in*dt*Argument , out*dt*Argument , io*dt*Argument , and *dt_*Argument are considered valid.


HI ,

I have tried the similar method but ,
if the naming convention of argument is according to datatable then argument is showing error .

If kept as the argument then data table is showing error

If kept both then , neither of it satisfied.

Hi @Priyanka_Ramesh,
Try small letter in the argument “out” in small letter.


Same issue occurs with out_ also.

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