Ambiguity about naming rules in ST-NMG-011 and ST-NMG-002

Hello friends,

I’ve been using Workflow analyzer a lot lately and I’ve noticed a few things that I don’t like.
For example, rule ST-NMG-011 says that we need dt_ prefix in our DataTable arguments, but rule ST-NMG-002 says that we have to start our arguments with in/out/io prefixes.

So, now I cannot follow both rules, I have to exclude one, or modify ST-NMG-02 rule.

Anyone else had similar problems?

Ultimately Its your final decision, the analyzer is just a tool to assist keeping your workflow clean and understandable in a more 'universal ’ way.

But common practice would be to stick with whatever you decide across all arguments that holds a datatable.

I recommend writing the Argument in/out/io prefix first like so:

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

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