Workbook path need to set

System.ArgumentException: Workbook Path needs to be set.when my application session expire I try to rerun main work flow then got this error

Hi @aadi.kaistha

Seems like the error is coming from an excel workbook activity. Have you checked whether the file paths provided to these activities are correct and not null?

Also, if you have multiple workbook activities, make sure to run in debug mode to easily locate the problem activity.

Thanks for reply.but actually when I run in local system I did not face any issue.When this application run in orchestrator then face this issue.As mention in attachment.

in catch block append line activity in exception I am geeting this message after this then I invoked main.xaml.I am also attaching log file.

Hi @aadi.kaistha

I can think of one reason is that, this excel activity is using a partial file path, and when running through the Orchestrator, it is unable to locate it, and when running in the local machine, it can locate because it is only a valid file path within the local machine. Hence, can you print the file path in the log message to see what value it holds both when running through the Orchestrator and when running locally.

Share a screenshot of that, so we can undertand the issue?

sorry did not understand which screenshot you want…?

In Local I am executing config file but in orchestrator we are passing parameter.Please suggest me what I need to do…?

Try adding the full file path to the Config file and see whether it works by any chance without using the parameter when running through the Orchestrator…

no with parameter its also work fine main executed successfully.Issue come when due to any issue browser closed then I try to Rerun it.So I again invoked main but this not work. As mention in attachment I did not pass value in argument because I am not sure I need to pass value or not.when it call main it will restart the application means initialize the value again in main