Workbook Closed. Please re-initialize the workbook

Dear all,

I got the issue about the ‘Use Excel’ activity. The ecception was like below.

I used the Dictionaty Type as the file path. Strangely, when I run the whole project, it will have this exception error. But when I use F11 to debug the project, it can normally open the Excel file to read data.

Can anyone help explain what went wrong?

Hello @DerrickZhong

Does that mean you are facing this issue only during Running and not during debugging?

Also is this excel in the open state already?


yes, it would work during debugging. And the excel.exe probably opened, because the project would read the Config.xlsx first.

Hi @DerrickZhong ,

Would you be able to share with us a sample project repro’ing this and we can investigate this further? This seems like an odd issue.