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Hello everyone. I’m a newbie and I got 2 questions.

  1. There is an Excel file, it contains 5 sheets, how can I add one blank sheet and name it “out”.
  2. We have 37 variables, how can we write them to the first empty line in sheet1 (each variable to its own cell)? I think that using Write Cell 17 times is not correct.

Hi @111691,

  1. I think you can create a new sheet in a way as shown in the screenshot below

  2. for your second question, you can use add data row activity and add an array as {var1,var2,var3,…}

let me know, if it helps

  1. We don’t have variables to create the sheet this way.
  2. How do I tell Studio to use the first empty line in the sheet for writing.
  1. I didn’t get it, wat you are trying to address!!
  2. After using add datarow activity, you can use append range to append the value in first empty cell

For ur second question u can use loop with counter variable inisde it u can use write cell activity like as below

For ur first question of creating sheet u can use @balupad14 balareva activity

U can find a lot of activities there

Hope it helps you


Nived N

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You need to add a sheet to the book, do not write anything there.

Hi @111691,

You can add a sheet using write range activity and specidy sheetname which you want. It will automatically creates it.

If you dont want to write anything, in that case you can create dummy variable of type datatable and store nothing in it. Later you can use write range activity, it solves your need.

If you are okay to use 3rd party activity, then go ahead and look for at the solution wat @NIVED_NAMBIAR has suggested you. By using BalaReva Excel activities.

Let me know, which solution helps you!!

Thank you. I knew about the dummy variable, I thought there were other ways. thanks for the help

Hi @111691 ,

Can you please mark this as resolved by marking it as solution.

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