How to create new tab in excel using uipath?

How to name/create new tab in excel using uipath? Like I wanted to create a new tab in excel with sample name " Hello world 2020"

for example I have string that I wanted to add on the sheet

and I i add again another string it would be added on the nextline and so on.

I wanted to use excel application scope and wokbook write range.

Hi @RajivKumar12,

Firstly, my assumption is that your the excel file or excel sheet is not created yet

  1. Path Exists to check for excel file that output a boolean variable
  2. If Boolean variable is false, use activities Excel application scope with Write Range
  3. Else boolean variable is true, use activities Excel application scope with Append Range

If the assumption above is not true, then you need additional checks.

  • Using Excel Application Scope and store the output workbook variable. e.g. TestWB
  • Use if activity, checks the workbook variable for the excel sheet. e.g. TestWB.GetSheets(“Sheet 1”)
  • If excel sheet is not present then first assumption is applicable
  • If excel sheet is present then Range Range activity and store output to DataTable variable. eg. ExcelDT
  • Check the number of rows in DataTable variable, e.g. ExcelDT.Rows.Count
  • If the rows count is not zero, Append Range
  • If rows count is zero, Write Range

Assumption: the excel does not contain used blank/empty rows. It is better to start on a clean excel sheet. Test: press Ctrl + End keys simultaneously on open Excel file to position the active cell on last row, last column.

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